About Us
Tree House Feel, Waterfront Eco-Home

Our dream was to have a tropical place in nature and with a surf break in front of our home.  We discovered the ideal property for this purpose in 2002 here at Playa Carbonera of Cabo Matapalo.

We built Casa Dos Rios with the plan to rent it to eco-tourists and people who want to un-plug, slow life down and enjoy abundant nature.

The other emphasis was to display local area hardwoods in a house that functions well on the oceanfront and in the rainforest.  Attending to air flow and relationship to the outdoors, the house tends to stay cool and feel natural, like living in a treehouse.

We are from Houston (Kim) and Louisiana (Melanie), but live in NW Arkansas when we are not in Costa Rica.  We love to sail, so we have Sorrento, a 36 ft. Columbia sailboat.  I, Melanie also love gardening, cooking, art, dance and yoga.  I sometimes cook for the guests, and I cater the sailing tours.  We have a yoga deck above the manager house, so that I can offer yoga to guests, but more often I am participating in yoga and dance offerings by other talented people in our community who come to the deck to teach.  In this way we tend to have activity to offer on our deck at least twice a week in the high season.  My current art love is with making mosaics. 

Kim, who is a talented woodworker, has built me a nice little space for doing my art, in Jan. 2019.  He loves SUP on the waves out front, or making crafts and small projects(like signs for people who need them).  He loves sailing and is our captain as we offer sailing tours.  In the States he plays a lot of golf and also plays a game of golf on a snooker table.  Together we enjoy lake time on our pontoon boat in Arkansas on Beaver Lake.

Our philosophy to live by is: "Life takes care of those who love it", and we certainly love life!

We welcome you to come and experience this special place that we have put together just for guests!  See the 4 kinds of monkeys in our area and fish out front from the beach, surf, or just enjoy the little river mouth near our house (on the Carbonera River) with its cool clear water, and sandy bottom.

See you at Casa Dos Rios!